Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Tickets required for entry and re-entry (if leaving the site, please advise security so they can give you a ‘re-entry’ wristband, this and your ticket will be required for re-entry)

Last entry to site is 90 minutes prior to gates closing each day.

Only bottled water in plastic bottles is permitted to be brought on-site. No other drink (alcoholic or otherwise) or any food can be brought onto the event site.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to gain admittance to the event.

All bags will be checked at point of entry to the event.

A ‘Challenge 21’ policy is in place to stop alcohol being vended to minors. Please bring appropriate identification to prove your age if purchasing alcohol at the event
Photographers and film crews are present at the event and images / footage are likely to be used by independent media outlets and in future marketing campaigns.

If you do not wish to appear in our collateral, please advise photographer or film crew.


A full refund of the face value ticket price ONLY (plus the per ticket booking fee) only applies if there has been less than 15 minutes play during your chosen event day.

For full day tickets – this applies only on the day on which your ticket is valid.

For ‘after 5pm’ tickets – this applies only for the period after 5pm on the day on which your ticket is valid.

Prohibited Items

The following are items prohibited from entering the event site. If you bring any of the below items with you, you will need to give them up in order to obtain entry.

These items, once taken from you, will not be returned:

  • All food items except baby food
  • All drink items except bottled water
  • Liquids, aerosols and gels in quantities greater than 100ml except sun screen and bottled water
  • Tents, placards, spray paint or any other item that could be used to demonstrate within the venue or sabotage property
  • Glass bottles (excluding medication in glass bottles with relevant prescription sticker displayed on the bottle)
  • Walkie-talkies, phone jammers and radio scanners
  • Bicycles, folding bikes, scooters, roller skates or skateboards
  • All types of knives and bladed items
  • Offensive weapons or items that are intended for harm of any type
  • Personal protection sprays such as CS or Pepper Sprays
  • Firearms and ammunition (including replicas, component parts of any device suspected to be a fire arm)
  • Fireworks, explosives, flares, smoke canisters
  • Hazardous and toxic materials
  • Controlled drugs, including substances that look like controlled drugs
  • Items that resemble any prohibited items such as replica weapons or hoax explosive devices
  • Picnic hampers / cool boxes
  • Laser pointers and strobe lights
  • Balls, rackets, Frisbees or other projectiles
  • Noise makers such as hunting horns, air horns, klaxons, drums, vuvuzelas and whistles